Much "To Do" About Nothing

{} Nothing is no thing, denoting the absence of something. Nothing is a pronoun associated with nothingness.

Office Timeline Coupon Code

April 15th, 2013

Got this from here – linky

If you are looking ways to make PowerPoint timelines then there is a powerful tool for PowerPoint named Office Timeline add-in. You can use Office Timeline to make awesome timelines for your presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. With a few clicks you can create a nice timeline for your presentations.

Office Timeline has a free version that is available online for download and let you create unlimited number of timelines, edit the timelines, switch timeline template on the fly, create historical timelines and adjust the timeline position within the slide. But if you need more advanced features like customize text fonts, colors, copy and paste chronological data from Excel and Microsoft Project, use custom date time formatting options or even show task duration or diamond milestone shapes then you’ll need the Office Timeline Plus version.

Fortunately you can get a convenient Office Timeline Coupon Code using the approach that we will explain here.

1. First of all, you need to access

2. Then scroll down to see the Promotional Code or Coupon Code that is updated time to time.

Office Timeline code

3. When you are ready, click on Plus Download to move to the next screen with the Office Timeline Plus Edition highlights.

4. Click Buy It button to open the checkout page.

Office Timeline Coupon Code

5. Here, make sure to enter the coupon code in the promotional code textbox and then make sure to click Apply. You will see a green message saying that the Promotion code was applied successfully and the subtotal price will be updated as well.

Office Timeline promo code

Finally, complete the checkout process and you will get the Office Timeline Full version license at the discounted price. Congratulations!

OS X – Love and Hate….

September 27th, 2011

So a few months ago I decided to go out and but a new laptop….
Unfortunatly as I’m not loaded (although that would solve a few issues in my life) I wanted to buy a strong machine that would last me a few good years as my old IBM X41 and Asus G50VT-X6 did so I’m willing to put out a few extra $$$ more on something that would fit my needs.
As my budget was around $1000 not too low not too high I could not afford the machine I truly wanted.
My plan was to get a laptop with the following specs
13.x” screen (I could do with a 12″ but not 14.1″)
Core i5 and up processor
Good battery life
And Backlit keyboard
Let’s say everything I wanted was in the $1,500 range X220, X1, Serieas 9 Samsung, Vaio Z (wasn’t even out yet)
So I stumbled upon a Microcenter deal with SlickDeals.Net (Best and Worst site on earth hands down) for a 13″ MacBook Pro Core i5 with thunderbolt (bla bla)….
Then I thought you know what why not, I’ll simply price match at best buy and get some points + they had some deal on buy a $1000 laptop get $35 for accessories (Magic Mouse, Extra Charger…) but I’m getting off topic here with this….

So I got my MacBook and the Love and Hate started.
Hands down Apple make amazing products, the build quality, the look, the feel, the overall experiance and their service are amazing but here comes the OS part… it’s a love and hate.

OSX is a nice OS but after being a windows user for so many years Mac OS just puts me back to the old days that everything was not so simple and not so easy.
The OS itself looks amazing, it’s quick especially after upgrading to 8gb of RAM,  it’s simple to use and the apple eco system with it’s own software is great.
Things you would find simple on Windows like cup/paste/move for folders simply does not exist on OSX you can make copy’s but not move.
As well OSX does not support Exchange very well but there are work arounds like DavMAIL.
Working with NTFS drives will cost you a few $$$ especially if you can’t afford a nice G-Drive.
And unlike the iPad and iPhone where apple simply lead the way with applications OSX is light years behind Windows Applications making it very hard to switch to a Mac in the business world as Microsoft run the world right now….

But on the other hand what does work works like a charm, fast and quick with a nice touch to everything.
VMWare does solve most issues you might need with running something on Windows but again it will cost you a few $$$

More to come on this topic.


Microsoft patents modular Windows Phone with swappable batteries, keyboard, and Gamepad – Amazing Idea/Concept

September 23rd, 2011
Just posting this as is from Engadget!
Finally an amazing idea for smart phones!
Not like the failed MODO experiment this might be amazing!

We’ve seen slider phones with speakersgamepads, and of course, the standard keypad — but what if you want to swap out your slider accessory for something new? A new patent from Microsoft is exploring the possibility, showing off a concept smartphone with a sliding modular bay. Tired of that keyboard? Replace it with a gamepad, or a life-giving battery pack. According to the patent claims, some of the modular components would even function wirelessly, citing a touchscreen module which doubles as a wireless handset or a media remote. Neat? You bet, but we wouldn’t get our hopes up — Microsoft typically keeps out of the handset manufacturing game, and the last modular phone to pique our interest didn’t exactly make a splash.

Much "To Do" About Nothing

{} Nothing is no thing, denoting the absence of something. Nothing is a pronoun associated with nothingness.

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