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November 13th, 2012
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A better way to store media on Microsoft Surface RT: SD cards, junction points and the command prompt

November 1st, 2012

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A better way to store media on Microsoft Surface RT SD cards, junction points and the command prompt

Expandable storage is a wonderful thing, but its implementation can sometimes leave something to be desired. Take Windows 8, for instance — its photo, movie and music apps leverage Windows libraries to access users’ media collections, but won’t allow users to include removable storage in the app-accessed party of indexed folders. Sure, you can keep all your media on one device, but half it will need to be accessed in a slightly roundabout way. This simply wasn’t good enough for Toni Fowlie, who wanted all of her media — from both her Surface’s local storage and its microSD card — to appear in the same library. She used an old NTFS feature to trick Windows into thinking her microSD was part of her device’s local storage, and her efforts are worth sharing.

For what it’s worth, Toni’s little trick is hardly new, and it’s not unique to Windows 8 users — it’s actually a feature of the NTFS file system. It’s called a junction point, and put simply, it acts like regular directory, but points all actions to a remote folder. At first, this sounds a bit like a standard Windows shortcut — but since this operation is working in the file system itself, rather than as a part of the Windows shell, programs, windows explorer and the command prompt all play along with the redirection nicely. There are programs available that can help you set up a junction point, but Toni opted for the old fashion method — the command prompt.

A better way to store media on Microsoft Surface RT SD cards, junction points and the command prompt

Before creating the junction, Toni laid down some groundwork: a target folder in her root C:\ drive and four media directories on her SD card — one for each library: documents, music, pictures and videos. A prompt command then made the links: mklink /j c:\sd2\d d:\documents, for example, creates a junction point with the label “d,” which acts like a folder and links directly to the documents directory on the device’s SD card. Finally, Toni added the created junctions to Windows 8’s list of indexed locations and included those locations in the appropriate libraries. Viola! Extra storage for all that extra media, and easily accessible in Windows 8’s fancy apps, too. Although this feature isn’t exclusive to Microsoft’s latest operating system by any means, it’s certainly a useful workaround for users who want to leverage their removable media in a more integrated way. You’ll be glad you did — both Windows RT andWindows 8 Pro seem stumble over library permissions. Even if you don’t echo Toni’s clever setup, junction points are still a great tool to keep in your troubleshooting arsenal. Not into mucking around in the classic command prompt? Don’t sweat it, this dance can also be done in the Disk Management menu — check out Paul Thurrott’s tutorial at the more coverage link below tie your directories togetherwithout typing.

Steve Dent contributed to this post.

This skull is driving me nuts! Squirrel joins in the Halloween fun with terrifying toy filled with treats

October 31st, 2012

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This little scamp is really getting into the seasonal spirit as he scares onlookers with a skull suspended on a string.

The grey squirrel turned up in the garden of Vicky Freeman’s home in Fareham, Hamshire, and made short work of the treats she’d hidden inside the macabre mask.

The 54-year-old grandmother said: ‘I always hang stuff up in my garden for the kids at Halloween but was surprised to see a squirrel so fascinated by the macabre skull it – looks really scary!’

Nutmare on Elm street: The grey squirrel gets into the Halloween spirit with a toy skullNutmare on Elm street: The grey squirrel gets into the Halloween spirit with a toy skull filled with treats



Lawn of the dead: Grandmother Vicky Freeman was startled to see this scary-headed rodent in her garden

Getting into the swing of things: Vicky had hung up the skull for her grandchildren, but the squirrel got there firstGetting into the swing of things: Vicky hung up the treats for her grandchildren, but the squirrel got there first


Going nuts
Going nuts

A furry fiend: The squirrel faces down the Halloween horror, before having a go himself!


The squirrel was certainly more taken with his Halloween decorations than silverback gorilla Kumbuka.

Keepers at Paignton zoo in Devon had put together a pile of pumpkins for the 28-stone ape, but he wasted no time in tearing it apart.

2015 Ford Mustang Rendered, Detailed

October 30th, 2012

if this is how she’s going to look like I want one!


Mustang is Ford’s oldest continuously produced nameplate (Ford might cite its F-series, but that didn’t bear the F-150 badge until a decade after the Mustang arrived). In its lifetime, Mustang has been many different cars: a reskinned Falcon, something closer to the Torino, a hideous and malformed mutant Pinto, and a Fox, the platform it shared with a variety of Fords, Mercurys, and even a couple of Lincolns across three decades. In its current form, though, Mustang has become something it flirted with from inception: great. We named the GT and Boss 302 to our 2012 10Best pantheon, and called the Boss “the best Mustang ever.” For 2015, Ford’s ungulate will undergo its most revolutionary redesign yet. We hear it’ll arrive Thursday, April 17, 2014, or 50 years to the day it originally went on sale. This should make for one helluva birthday.


Suspension Dimensionally, the 2015 edition won’t differ much from the current car, but it will employ an all-new unibody. The next Mustang’s track, both front and rear, will be slightly narrower. Wheelbase looks to shorten up by less than an inch from today’s car. With more-stringent impact requirements pending during the car’s anticipated life cycle, overall length could creep up by the same amount the wheelbase shrinks to allow for suitable crash structures.
A strut setup will carry on up front, but with new geometry. Performance models will use aluminum lower control arms, while stamped steel serves in the base car. Big six-piston Brembo brake calipers will be stand­ard on serious performance models, optional on the semi-serious ones.With the brief exception of the SVT Cobra that appeared intermittently between 1999 and 2004, the Mustang has always relied on a solid rear axle—and since the advent of the internet, forums have been overrun with calls for an independent rear. Hark, bathrobe wearers, your cries have been heard. In addition to reducing unsprung mass, the 2015’s multilink independent rear will allow more space for the rear seat and cargo.


The U.S. will get a four-cylinder, too—the first in a Mustang since 1993. A turbocharged, direct-injected 2.4-liter four will relieve an upgraded version of today’s 3.7-liter V-6 of its mantle as 30-plus-mpg champ. Mimicking the EcoBoost’s role in the Edge and Explorer, the 250-plus-hp four-cylinder will be priced higher than the more powerful base V-6 Mustang and be positioned as a balance between sport and fuel efficiency. Continued…Unlike today’s Mustang, which sees only limited export beyond the NAFTA zone, Ford has decreed that its next-generation pony car will be sold around the world. With this in mind, powertrain choices will expand significantly beyond today’s single V-6 and three V-8 choices. We’ve even heard that, for select markets in Asia, Ford will offer a naturally aspirated inline-four. Sounds screwy, we know. But Ford continues to challenge convention with its engine choices; who would have thought even two years ago that V-6s would make up the majority of F-150 sales?

Apple SVP Phil Schiller says iPhone 5′s scratching and scuffing is ‘normal’

September 25th, 2012

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iPhone 5 Aluminum Scratching

With more than 5 million iPhone 5 handsets in the hands of customers in launch weekend, the iPhone 5 can easily be considered a success, if not for some minor complaints and a botched Maps app. Almost immediately after iPhone 5 units hit the wild however, owners started reporting how prone to scratching and scuffing the smartphone’s aluminum casing and chamfered bezel is. Apple’s (AAPLSenior Vice president of Marketing Philip Schiller fired back at the complaints in an email obtained by 9to5Mac, insisting that scratch marks on aluminum is “normal” for “any aluminum product.” The full email exchange follows below.

It would appear that a recall won’t be happening any time soon. Along with the scratches and scuffing, BGR reported that certain iPhone 5 models also have a “light leak” problem.


Teen Girl Shoots Beautiful and Creative Portraits of Her Pet Dogs

September 21st, 2012

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If you’re a dog lover, you’ve got to check out the photography of 17-year-old photographerJessica Trinh. Her two main photo subjects are her two dogs: a Golden Retriever named Chuppy and an Australian Shepherd named Daisy. Over the past few years, Trinh has captured hundreds of beautiful and creative portraits of her furry happy-go-lucky friends, aided by her keen eye for spotting gorgeous lighting and happy expressions. We dare you not to smile as you look through the images in this post.

Trinh writes,

Ever since I set my hands on a camera, I knew I had unlocked a new dimension. One where you can expand your imagination and run for endless miles. Photography makes you look at things differently. You notice rain drops and the way the sun kisses the Earth. You breath in every moment of your life. You love to live and live to love. There is no time to waste because there is an urgency to capture each loving gesture, smile, and laugh in both humans and animals. Then every photograph becomes timeless and you smile, knowing that you hold a few split seconds in your hands. I live in a box called a camera with the lens as my window and everyday I sit on my couch watching the world outside through a different perspective. No worries, my dogs are right beside me looking at it the same way.

For more of these photographs, head on over to Trinh’s Flickr photostream. Watch out though: you might spend hours and hours falling more and more in love with her dogs (and her photography).

Update: Trinh has informed us that the 8th photo in this set, the one with the butterfly, is actually a digital composite.

Image credits: Photographs by Jessica Trinh and used with permission

How the iPhone 5 got its ‘insanely great’ A6 processor

September 19th, 2012

Source – Linky

How the iPhone 5 got its 'insanely great' A6 processor

It’s hard not to be impressed by the A6 engine in the new iPhone 5, since it’s now proven to deliver a double-shot of great performance and class-leading battery life. But silicon stories like that don’t happen over night or even over the course of a year — in fact, analyst Linley Gwennap has traced the origins of the A6 all the way back to 2008, when Steve Jobs purchased processor design companyP.A. Semi and set one of its teams to work on creating something “insanely great” for mobile devices.

Although Apple is steadfastly secretive about its components, Gwennap’s history of the A6 (linked below) is both plausible and a straight-up good read for anyone interested in the more fundamental aspects of their gadgets. Whereas the A5 processor stuck closely to ARM’s Cortex-A9 design, Gwennap is convinced — just like Anandtech is –that the A6 treads a very different path: it’s still based on ARM’s architecture and it’s likely fabricated by Samsung using a cutting-edge 32nm process, but it’s an in-housevision of what a mobile chip should be. It’s the culmination of four years of hard work and perhaps half a billion dollars of investment.

That’s not to say it’s the most powerful chip out there, or even the chip most tailored to its host device — after all, Samsung also designs great chips for some of its own smartphones. Indeed, Gwennap says that the A6 is probably a dual-core processor that is no more complex than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 (let alone the S4 Pro) or the forthcoming generation of Cortex-A15 chips, while its clock speed could be as low as 1.2GHz — versus a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos in the Note II and even a 2GHz Intel chip in Motorola’s new RAZR i. However, Gwennap predicted that even if the A6 falls short of its rivals “in raw CPU performance,” it’d make up for it in terms of low power consumption — which is precisely what we’ve confirmed in our review.

Much "To Do" About Nothing

{} Nothing is no thing, denoting the absence of something. Nothing is a pronoun associated with nothingness.

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