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{} Nothing is no thing, denoting the absence of something. Nothing is a pronoun associated with nothingness.

2015 Ford Mustang Rendered, Detailed

October 30th, 2012

if this is how she’s going to look like I want one!


Mustang is Ford’s oldest continuously produced nameplate (Ford might cite its F-series, but that didn’t bear the F-150 badge until a decade after the Mustang arrived). In its lifetime, Mustang has been many different cars: a reskinned Falcon, something closer to the Torino, a hideous and malformed mutant Pinto, and a Fox, the platform it shared with a variety of Fords, Mercurys, and even a couple of Lincolns across three decades. In its current form, though, Mustang has become something it flirted with from inception: great. We named the GT and Boss 302 to our 2012 10Best pantheon, and called the Boss “the best Mustang ever.” For 2015, Ford’s ungulate will undergo its most revolutionary redesign yet. We hear it’ll arrive Thursday, April 17, 2014, or 50 years to the day it originally went on sale. This should make for one helluva birthday.


Suspension Dimensionally, the 2015 edition won’t differ much from the current car, but it will employ an all-new unibody. The next Mustang’s track, both front and rear, will be slightly narrower. Wheelbase looks to shorten up by less than an inch from today’s car. With more-stringent impact requirements pending during the car’s anticipated life cycle, overall length could creep up by the same amount the wheelbase shrinks to allow for suitable crash structures.
A strut setup will carry on up front, but with new geometry. Performance models will use aluminum lower control arms, while stamped steel serves in the base car. Big six-piston Brembo brake calipers will be stand­ard on serious performance models, optional on the semi-serious ones.With the brief exception of the SVT Cobra that appeared intermittently between 1999 and 2004, the Mustang has always relied on a solid rear axle—and since the advent of the internet, forums have been overrun with calls for an independent rear. Hark, bathrobe wearers, your cries have been heard. In addition to reducing unsprung mass, the 2015’s multilink independent rear will allow more space for the rear seat and cargo.


The U.S. will get a four-cylinder, too—the first in a Mustang since 1993. A turbocharged, direct-injected 2.4-liter four will relieve an upgraded version of today’s 3.7-liter V-6 of its mantle as 30-plus-mpg champ. Mimicking the EcoBoost’s role in the Edge and Explorer, the 250-plus-hp four-cylinder will be priced higher than the more powerful base V-6 Mustang and be positioned as a balance between sport and fuel efficiency. Continued…Unlike today’s Mustang, which sees only limited export beyond the NAFTA zone, Ford has decreed that its next-generation pony car will be sold around the world. With this in mind, powertrain choices will expand significantly beyond today’s single V-6 and three V-8 choices. We’ve even heard that, for select markets in Asia, Ford will offer a naturally aspirated inline-four. Sounds screwy, we know. But Ford continues to challenge convention with its engine choices; who would have thought even two years ago that V-6s would make up the majority of F-150 sales?

My New Dream Car – Revamped Dodge Viper makes a big splash

April 9th, 2012
More Photos here – Linky
Richard Drew / AP

The SRT Viper is unveiled at the New York International Auto Show earlier this week.

By Dan Carney, contributor

At a recent Manhattan party with faithful Viper owners, Ralph Gilles, the man responsible for the return of Chrysler’s iconic sports car, described how it earned the reprieve that led to its resurrection at the New York International Auto Show this week.

It was all CEO Sergio Marchionne’s fault. After a test drive of the Viper, he winked and said, “It’s not too easy to drive, is it?” That wink was the clue for the team that was hoping to resurrect the company’s discontinued Viper. The project had a chance — if the team made some significant improvements.

To start, they had to shed the Viper’s kit-car image among the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche faithful, reported Ralph Gilles, president and CEO of Chrysler’s Street and Racing Technology (SRT) brand, which is responsible for the Viper. “They were very frank with us,” he said of those competitors’ customers. “They said it was too crude, too brutal.”

This week, as the Viper roared onstage with its engine revving, the refreshed car was the hit of the show — at least for people who weren’t more focused on the debut of Nissan’s new New York taxicab design.

All the familiar parts are still there: the front-mounted V10 engine, a minimal two seats way back behind a long hood, and massive wheels. But underneath, Gilles’ team toiled to tame the beast. That’s because, as Marchionne observed somewhat understatedly, the old Viper did not suffer fools gladly. It would toss them into the nearest ditch at the slightest provocation.

The 2013 Viper hasn’t been emasculated, however. Power has been boosted to 640 horsepower and the frame is 50 percent stiffer than before.  But the suspension has been upgraded to make the car more forgiving and easier to toss around casually on the track. Viper owners love to take their cars to the racetrack, but its unforgiving character required laser focus.

So behind its even-fiercer visage, the new Viper is more friendly, letting drivers play but with less fear of catastrophe. And there is a new, unseen backup: electronic stability control, which was never a part of the Viper’s recipe before, but which is required by the government now.

The Viper team added the required stability software, but rolled it into a suite of applications that let the Viper mirror the kind of driver-adjustability common on many top racing cars. Even though there is now a computer watching over the driver’s shoulder (unless you want to turn it off), the driver can feel even more like a racing hero by making adjustments to the car’s systems using the computer.

In the past, acceleration runs at the drag strip were challenging. The car had so much power that it took just the right touch (and maybe a bit of luck) to match the engine speed and clutch release to launch the car as quickly as possible without accidentally vaporizing the rear tires into a cloud of rubber smoke.

Smoky burnouts may look dramatic, but while a car is spinning its tires that way, the car in the other lane is accelerating away to win the race. The new Viper has a computerized launch control system that promises a perfect match of revs and clutch every time, avoiding any embarrassing drag strip defeats at the hands of some kid in a clapped-out Mustang.

The voluptuous bodywork is a clear return to the original car’s organic shape rather than the second-generation’s crisper, but less-distinctive lines. Underneath, previous Vipers suffered from less-than-premium cabin appointments, in the bare-bones tradition of the Shelby Cobra, which was the Viper’s inspiration.

Today’s customers demand more, so the Viper team turned to partners, such as the same company that provides seats for Ferraris, to give Viper buyers the luxurious cockpit they can find in competitive models. “The Viper has the finest interior we’ve ever put into a car,” Gilles said.

Does returning the Viper to showrooms mean that Chrysler will rake in the dough now?  No, that’s for models like the new Dodge Dart.  The Viper has another purpose.  “This is not a car that is going to make a lot of money for us,” Gilles conceded.  “It shows we still have a soul.”

Out Source – Color Me Crazy – The Best and Worst Paint Names

February 9th, 2012

Original Post on the Four Wheel Drift – Linky


1970 Plum Crazy Charger R/T

Consumers could buy 1970 model year Mopars painted in some pretty funny
High Impact colors, such as this “Plum Crazy” Dodge Charger R/T.

The year was 1969.  Somewhere, somehow in planning for the 1970 model year cars, the automotive industry got a sense of humor.  This resulted in the best car paint color names of all time.

Chrysler Corp was first out of the gate with its High Impact colors for models such as the Charger, Challenger, ’Cuda, and Road Runner.  Ford was right behind with its list of optional paint for such masterpieces as the then all-new Maverick.  Although the actual paint shades were nothing too remarkable, the names might have been the most creative things ever to come out of Michigan.

For instance, 1970 Dodge High Impact Colors included:


Green Go

Go Mango


Panther Pink

Plum Crazy

Hemi Orange

Plymouth got mostly the same colors with different names:


Sassy Grass Green

Vitamin “C”

Lemon Twist

Moulin Rouge

In Violet

Tor Red

As cute as Mopar’s High Impact Colors were, Ford one-upped them on names for its 1970 poly-paint colors:

Original Cinnamon

Bring ‘Em Back Olive

Three Putt Green

Anti-Establish Mint

Last Stand Custard

There She Blue

Young Turquoise

Hulla Blue

Good Clean Fawn

Counter Revolutionary Red

Knight White

Freudian Gilt

History Onyx

Paint Names You’ll Never See:

With these great paint names in mind, the staff here at The Four Wheel Drift has dreamed-up the worst paint names that could ever be printed in a brochure or on a window sticker…


Yellow Snow

Blue Balls

Gang Green

Golden Showers

Gray Matter

Salmon Nilla

P.U. Ter

Packer Fudge

Tan Line

In the Buff

Beef Tungsten

Once You Go Black

Popper Cherry Red

Purple Nurpel

Lapis Dance

Pierced Naval Orange

High Whore Silver

Augusta National Country Club Membership White

Stinky Pinky

Almost Celibate Cardinal

Camel Topaz Two Tone

Augmented Chestnut

Copper Feel

What a Maroon

Sapphire Crotch

Red Tide


I Cannot Tell A Lilac

Sue ‘Em Vermillion

A Postscript – The Paint Color Nickname Hall of Fame:

From the files of “things we wished we thought of,” in 1970 the Chrysler Corp-supported Plymouth Superbird of Charlie Glotzbach started running NASCAR’s Gran National circuit painted in the factory color Plum Crazy. A creative journalist, however, gave the color a nickname that stuck with the media for years: “Statutory Grape.” 

What are the chances that in its all-things-retro craze, DaimlerChrysler offers the new Hemi Challenger due out next year in this shade?

Car 0-60 Speeds DB New Application

September 29th, 2011

Car 0-60 Speeds DB

2011 09 28 05 21 582011 09 28 05 20 33
2011 09 28 05 21 192011 09 28 05 20 54

Link To Application – Linky
Easily find Car 0-60 times
Our list contains “factory stock” road figures for most of the Makes and Models.
Our list is based on “production” vehicles that are available in the United States.
The Content of the list is based on the Year the Model was Made.
For example if you have a 1999 Jaguar XJR you will find the 0-60 under Manufacturing Year of 1998 when the Model came out

Let’s see if you like the ones we currently have

Over 2200 cars in the DB right now!

Current Manufacture List:
Alfa Romeo
Jeep – (Don’t Expect good 0-60 I know, I own one)

Open Manufacture WIKI from the App.

Thanks for the install.
Please feel free to drop us a line on what you think and how we can improve the app at

Link To Application – Linky

Shame – Top Gear Australia Reportedly Cancelled

September 15th, 2011

So a great site is and they just posted some news :(

It seems that rather just taking a break, Top Gear Australia is being completely cancelled due to low ratings. The news was confirmed by Steve Pizzati via his Twitter account:

tga  Shame – Top Gear Australia Reportedly Cancelled

Forza Motorsport 4 – Jeremy Clarkson Introduces the Warthog (Xbox 360) – Funny

September 13th, 2011
So one of my favorite TV shows is Top Gear (Mostly the UK version) and Halo was a great game.
I can’t say I sent Top Gear any request to review this car but Clarkson does a good job here.
BTW thanks Erez for the link!

Cadillac Ciel Concept designed for decadent drives up the coast – Cars

August 24th, 2011

Just liked the look of it, don’t know if I’d ever buy something like this…
I’m more of a GTO or Jag fan for a sporty silent killer car…

More photo’s here – Linky
Article – Linky


Cadillac Ciel Concept


Cars Cars Cars and one Jag

August 18th, 2011

I’ve been in Texas (Dallas) now for 5 + years and my experiance with cars here has changed the way I view cars.
I’ll start with all  most rice burners (Japanese cars) are worthless! why worthless do I say? ok they arent worthless..
I simply think if you live in the US and you want to support the US economy why should you buy a rice burner when you have better options.
Back in the day (December of 2007) I went in a got a brand new (new body style) 08 Camry LE  my regret was that I listened to all the people who recommended getting a toyota/honda as I’ve owened a few american cars since then.
What’s my beef with the Camry/Toyota/Cars from Japan?
* Price is too high for what you get
* Gas Mileage is not that amazing compared to other cars (I did 24mpg with the V8 Merc combined and the same with a 2.4L Camry)
* Reliability is not better then other American/Euro/Korean cars
* Parts are EXPENSIVE for Japanese cars (When comparing to American not European)
* They (most of them, not the high end) are tin cars
* Not comfortable ride
The list is longer but that’s the major points….

Now y’all can say I got lucky but that’s simply not true as my experience with two rice burners is limited to an older accord and a brand new Camry while my american experience is limited to a Merc (not Mercedes) Grand Marquis and a 5.7 HEMI Jeep Commander.

Instead of the mid level Camry I should have gotten a new V6 loaded Malibu or a Charger (didn’t like the interior) or even get a Ford Fusion (that should have been the right choice) but regardless that’s not the point here.

Now I own a nice Supercharged Jaguar XJR (after my old Merc got totaled by the elements of the weather) and I still miss that old Merc… It ran for 150k miles and would run for another 100k miles without issues or complaints.

hmmm now after reading what I’ve wrote this is truly a post about nothing.

Bottom line if you live in the US buy american cars! the parts are cheaper and they have more bang for the buck (and now the buck ain’t worth that much).
So if you buy/lease a brand new car every three years that has a bumper to bumper warranty there no point of getting a Japanese car you might hold on to a car for five years and if that’s the case go with Hyundai/KIA who have made a MAJOR jump with their cars over the past few year.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on American or non american cars

Watch: rappers destroy £279,095 Maybach – From TopGear UK

August 15th, 2011

I don’t post things like this most of the time but killing that car (although not my favorite in any way is a shame…)

Just the Facts:

  • Rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West take a blowtorch and saw to a Maybach in their new music video “Otis” — all in the name of helping the 13 million people suffering from a devastating drought in East Africa.
  • The Maybach, which now looks more like a luxury dune buggy, will head for auction soon.
  • The sale of the car will benefit the East African Drought Disaster relief fund.

Jay Zed and his friend Mae West needed a new motorcar for their latest hiphopora video. So they got a standard Maybach 57, some power tools and a welding torch, and created this. We’re calling it the Jayzach.

It has no roof. It has colossal Brabus-style wheelarches. It hasn’t got doors. Which makes the girls’ laissez-faire approach to seatbelt decorum even more reckless.

The song – titled Otis and an ode to the late, great Otis Redding – doesn’t include any technical specification, but we assume it’s still running the 550bhp V12 (or 630 if it’s the S version) and five-speed auto ‘box.

But before you skitter off to bust a caps-lock up a homeperson, please tell us this – do you think the 125000-mile warranty is still valid?

Now watch Richard drive a Maybach 62.

Best Full Size Sedan Ever!!!

August 8th, 2011

Well it’s my title and this post is a IMO…

I’ve owened some good cars and some bad cars through the years.
Some very bad while living in Israel (mostly french cars) and some just vanilla (Mazda…) but after moving to the US and traveling every other week I had a chance to rent most Rice Burners and Amaerican cars in the past few years.

Let’s start with the new Toyota Camry.
I bought a brand new one in 2008 and regretfully I have to report that I regret buying that car.
IMO Toyota, Honda, Nissan and other rice burners (let’s put Lexus, Infinity and maybe Acura on the side for now) are too expensive for what you get from the car!
When buying a brand new car and replacing it every 3 odd years I must say I would never ever buy another Jap car again.
At this point in time in the US Hyundai and Kia have much more value for money and have full 5 year warranty.

But let’s get back to the title.
My best full size Sedan would be The (well three of them but they are the same car) Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and the Lincoln Towncar.
Why am I saying so now that I don’t own one anymore?
I just landed in NC and I recived a crown vic from the rental company and I started missing my old Grand Marquis.
It has a great V8 that does 22MPG city and 30+ MPG highway, the car is built like a tank, it will run forever, it’s comftrable and if you get one in white everyone moves out of your way.

I had my Merc for 3+ years and I put 50K miles on it without anything! yes anything (except for two things I broke so I can’t blame the car) breaking on it, I gave it back to the insurance company with 145K miles and it would run for at least another 150K miles

Now you might say hey now he drives a Rice burner but that isn’t the fact, today I drive a Supercharged Jaguar  XJR which I love but would go back to an american car in a heart beat.
As you live in the US I say buy american!

So FORD, bring back the Marauder and make it look like this!

Much "To Do" About Nothing

{} Nothing is no thing, denoting the absence of something. Nothing is a pronoun associated with nothingness.

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